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About Us

Kalyan Jadhav's Educational Institutes (KJEI), the East Coast mecca of engineering, management and sciences "is the ultimate place for information overload, endless possibilities and expanding your horizon." The Institute within Pune is spread across 110 acres of picturesque campus nestled in the green valley, with its near zero pollution and fresh air, creates a perfectly conducive low-stress climate for learning, research, innovation and character-building. With over 8000 students, KJEI has a strong sense of community born of its small size the goes hand-in-hand with an atmosphere that is charged with youthful vibrancy, experience and maturity

Our Mission

To develop a center of excellence with synergy, conductive to explore innate abilities of students,encouraging the learning process through innovative practices for value based knowledge through continual learning, societal responsiveness and strategic partnership with industry

Our Vision

To establish a premiere knowledge center imparting quality education, research and consultancy while contributing to "NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT."

- Hon. Shri. Kalyan Jadhav

Founder President, KJEI, Pune

President's Message

It was always my dream since youth to contribute to society. KJ's Educational Institute (KJEI) was born in 2006 to provide quality education at an affordable cost to the youth, especially those from rural areas, to increase their innate potential & thereby contribute to the National Development. My mission is to give opportunity for employment to every student entering our institute. My aim is to motivate the students to contribute in nation building through entrepreneurship, higher education and a disciplined way of life.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

The colleges on the campus have shown positive growth with each passing year. I will continue contributing by enhancing the facilities for the development of faculty and students. I pray to the almighty to give us strength for continual improvement of the colleges holistically and help KJEI to make a mark in the field of Education.


Meet the Core Team

Vinod K. Jadhav
Treasurer, KJEI, Pune

Since its inception in 2005, K. J. Educational Institutes have been committed to building quality and leadership in education. Over the years, the organization has evolved into a platform of academic options and has become a one stop destination for nurturing a kid into a fully equipped professional. KJEI endeavors to develop vibrant and broad based academic programs with emphasis to inculcate strong conviction towards morality and ethics in engineers of a high technical standard emanating from every college in the group. We are dedicated to give our students a bright future. I congratulate and welcome the students who have gained admission to our college and wish them success.

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hardwork."

Harshada V. Jadhav
Managing Director

It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming the new students on behalf of the entire community of the Trinity Academy of Engineering. Not only academics, the co-curricular activities, sports, adventure, cultural and social activities form important parts of the life of the students. All undergraduate, postgraduate students and all the faculty members on the campus have developed a unique bond, facilitating them to grow personally as well as professionally. Our hopes and aspirations are invested in the holistic development and well being of our students. Best wishes to all the new admitted students.

"A quality education grants us the ability to fight the war on ignorance and poverty."

Vibhavari K. Jadhav
Managing Director, KJEI, Pune

“We have a myriad of young, vibrant and talented minds on this campus and it's vital that they are provided with all the opportunities for a formal education as well as an opportunity to make a difference in the world as a contributing force.” That’s what we aim to do and being an educational institute this responsibility is not the end product for us, it’s what we strive for everyday. I believe we all can make a difference in this world, but what sets us apart is the kind of difference we choose to make and I’m truly grateful to be able to contribute towards it.Best wishes to all the new students, who are going to be a part of our campus.

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hardwork."

Maj. Gen. Sameer Kalla VSM (Retd.)
Executive Director, KJEI, Pune

KJEI is a vision of our founder President which aspires all students to succeed in the world. We offer a wide variety of challenging, enjoyable and successful course opportunities with co curricular activities for an all round personality development. It’s our belief that being in our campus should be experience of a life time. Our Students are our main focus and we are proud of achievements of our Students and Faculty. At KJEI we believe that true education is a right blend of intelligence and character. We educate our Students to maximize their innate potential along with positive social behavior. We empower the young minds with all the requisite skill sets thus developing successful global citizen. Progress for me has never been a dream. It has always been an achievable reality and once a milestone is achieved, there is always another one waiting to be crossed. We are continuously striving to achieve our goals and make KJEI a global name to reckon with. My best wishes to all the Students and TEAM KJEI.