Admissions-UG Admissions


UG Admissions

College follows admission rules laid down by ‘Director of Technical Education’, Maharashtra state . As per the rule 80% seats of every course are filled by centralized admission procedure( JEE score). 20% seats are filled at institute level.

KJ College of Engineering & Managment Research(EN6320)
Degree program Intake General Choice Code TFWS Choice Code
B.E. (Mech) 180+120* 632061210 632061211
B.E. ( E & TC ) 60+60* 632037210 632037211
B.E. (Electrical) 60 632029310 632029311
B.E. ( Computer ) 120 632024510 632024511
B.E(Civil) 120 632019110 632019111

* seats are for direct secod year admissions.
Second Year Admissions
Students who have completed diploma in engineering can get admission at second year level. Admission procedure and rules please refer www.dtemaharastra.org.in.

Contact Details

Prof. Rahul Undegaokar: 8975982918
Prof. C.M.Gajare: 9766773560/8793351679
Prof. A.B. Pujari: 9860214651
Prof. S.C.Sahane : 9579596339
Office: 020-26934417,69709009,65789009
Toll Free No.:1800-233-1718

Department Contact Person Contact No.
Mechanical Engineering Prof. Chhabildas M. Gajare 9766773560
Computer Engineering Prof. Suhas M. Patil 9422611604
Civil Engineering Prof. Vishal C. Hulsure 7588507243
E&TC Engineering Prof. P. P.Bhujbal 7757995756
Electrical Engineering Prof. Priyanka M.  Pekhale 8983500670
First Year Dr. Prajakta  Nandkumar Deshmukh 8308745421